Deddington - at one time Daedintun - means ‘the place of the people of Daeda’ - an early Saxon Lord.

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Robert Forsyth

New articles

  • Deddington Fire Service -  started in 1664 with a do-it-yourself engine kept in the church and then a volunteer brigade formed in 1883 with a new engine.
  • Deddington Paper Mill -  including a major fire in 1860
  • Deddington Turnpike and Toll House - a picture of the old Toll House, the Turnpike's history, its location and some interesting 'happenings' at the Toll Gate
  • Harper/French Family Tree - Judith Russell-Brookes of Brackley has ancestors who go back 10 generations in Deddington. A friend constructed an amazing circular family tree for her as a birthday present, whose spokes show all her direct ancestors in villages within 15 miles of Deddington. It includes by marriage several well known Deddington families including Joseph Wilkins - whose insect damaged images of the interior of Deddington Church prior to its radical Victorian restoration have now been restored.
  • Jackson's Oxford Journal 1800-1819. Some interesting topics about life in the parish at the start of the 19th Century
  • Deddington Post Office (work in progress)


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